ACCP-002: A Request to Add Ampleforth Support for the WBTC:AMPL:ETH Balancer Pool

After speaking with members of the community and the Ampleforth team, I’ve decided it is a good idea to open the first community Ampleforth Configuration Change Proposal to request the Ampleforth team add support for a WBTC:AMPL:ETH balancer pool.

The PR is live on the AIP github:

Please consider voicing your support, concerns, questions and/or commentary on the formal issue:

It is important that the community shows their support for this in order for the ampleforth team to support incentives for pairing AMPL with the king of crypto

How can you help?

You can see the steps for executing the ACCP here:

When would this be implemented?

The proposal must go through the stages of ACCP and then be technically implemented. I estimate 2-4 weeks.

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