A trip down memory lane

A video recording of the rebase party on 28.07.2020

Ampleforth’s Rebase parties had become wildly popular in June and July, with the Main TG having over 20k participants. It was the era of AMPLMemeGOD and night-long parties.

This reminded me of BTC and ETH in 2015 and 2016. There were weeks where every single day would be a new ATH, and the TG groups were a beautiful collage of memes and youtuber’s predictions. Much like the lull we’ve seen until recently for both BTC and ETH, AMPL underwent a major correction phrase. Is it time for the next parabolic assent?

Possibly. Or perhaps it could take a little more time. But one thing is certain – its coming. And when it does: I look forward to seeing all you all mad-hatters come back into the fold.

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